Grooby Girls vs Bad Dragon

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This is one toy that certainly goes bump in the night. Known for his exhilarating bulges along the thick shaft, a bulging knot and exquisite ridges, he's a tough toy to defeat!

Slide him in and feel every bulge and ridge on his textured shaft before reaching a challenging, yet seductive knot. If you're not over the top yet, using the knot to hold in place while enjoying his stimulating base certainly will send you right over!

Fighter Stats:

  • Circumference of Head: 3.6" to 7"
  • Circumference of Shaft: 4.25 to 8.25"
  • Diameter of Head: 1.2" to 2.25"
  • Diameter of Shaft: 1.3" to 2.65"
  • Total Length: 6" to 12"
  • Usable Length: 5" to 9.75"